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Abramovitz Ruth email

  Does teaching performance improve following participation in a brief faculty development workshop?

 (Issue 5, p. 8, May 2006)

  Utilizing Faculty Peer Evaluation of Instruction in Higher Education

 (Issue 6, p. 27, March 2007)

Adams Mike email

  The dead grandmother/exam syndrome and the potential downfall of the American society

 (Issue 2, p. 29, March 2003)

Aharoni Ron email

  The use of computers for interactive lessons and homework at the Technion

 (Issue 2, p. 46, March 2003)

Alberton Yael email

  Evaluating Open University web-based learning technologies

 (Issue 3, p. 57, March 2004)

Aliash Uri email

  How to drive away your students and become jobless: Instructions to teaching assistants

 (Issue 2, p. 21, March 2003)

Altos Eli email

  The “innovative approach” to learning in the Technion

 (Issue 1, p. 20, April 2002)

Ames Christopher email

  Evaluation and feedback on creative works: Insights for academia based on ‘American Idol’

 (Issue 9, p. 38, March 2010)

Amit Aviv email

  "Caught in the net": Examples of interesting uses of web-supported academic learning

 (Issue 3, p. 44, March 2004)

Amitai Yael email

  Synchronic distance learning: A brief review and implications

 (Issue 3, p. 47, March 2004)

Ankori Gaila email

  Designing PowerPoint presentations as concept - and navigation maps

 (Issue 7, p. 38, March 2008)

Arreola Raoul A. email

  Monster at the foot of the bed: Surviving the challenge of marketplace forces on higher education

 (Issue 5, p. 43, May 2006)

Ashkenazi Tzahi Tzahi email

  Students' written comments in course evaluation forms

 (Issue 3, p. 26, March 2004)


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